Mark E. Seubert
Intensivistnodig BV & Intensivist at ICU Langeland Ziekenhuis

Because Mattijn and I have worked together for several years now, I feel entitled to share my positive opinion of him. Mattijn is both thoughtful and consistent in patient care and towards his colleagues. This powerful habit makes him a reliable and wanted member in a medical team particularly caring for vulnerable icu-patients. I only need to find a way to convince him to join me in my new permanent job.

Dil Vahidova
Hyperbaric physician @ London Hyperbaric Medicine

Dr Buwalda has been working in our unit for the past year. He is a highly professional person with a sound clinical knowledge. He is a good team player,  is friendly and approachable and always eager to help. He receives a good feedback about his lectures and teaching sessions in our unit.


Bert Manten
Intensivist @ Meander Medisch Centrum Amersfoort The Netherlands

Mattijn combines up to date clinical knowledge and skills with a strong social feeling and humour. His educational qualities and ethousiasm to share his knowledge are almost legendary.

Ies Akkerdaas
DVM, Veterinary Anesthetist at The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Utrecht University, NL

Our acquaintance was many years ago during the "Boerhaave course" in 1997. Since that time we share friendship and an interest in the differences and agreements in anatomy and physiology between people and mammals. But our favorite is the respiratory physiology and anesthesia of diving mammals. He amazed our veterinary team with a lecture concerning the adaptation of seals and dolphins during a long dive.

 Pieter Bothma
Consultant anesthestist, Medical Director London Hyperbaric Medicine

Dr Mattijn Buwalda spent a relatively short period with us in the London hyperbaric unit, however, his enthusiasm about diving medicine was clear right from the beginning. His increase in knowledge was exponential and very soon he was able to argue and debate his own views with the most experienced members of the team. He has a passion for teaching and does it very well. We are sorry for losing him, but we hope that his new environment will allow him to pursue his own research interests, but also ours!

 Jan Dietvorst
Afdelingshoofd Intensive Zorg Treant Ziekenhuiszorg locatie Refaja

Mattijn werkt al een paar jaar geregeld op onze afdeling. Ik heb hem leren kennen als een enthousiaste, betrokken en benaderbare intensivist. Tot ieders tevredenheid heeft Mattijn de gehele verpleegkundige staf van de Intensive care en de anesthesiologen, aan de hand van scenario's, in het skills lab getraind in de princiepes van CRM. Tijdens iedere dienst deelt hij vol overgave zijn kennis en vaardigheden op een wijze die goed aansluit bij zijn gehoor en de situatie.